Online dating icons

online dating icons

Are dating apps for straight singles doing enough to promote intersectionality?

While dating apps designed specifically for LGBTQ communities offer a range of gender and orientation options, apps for straight, cis-gendered singles have often neglected this type of intersectionality.

Is OkCupid the underdog of online dating?

But when OkCupid launched in 2004, it became the underdog of online dating. It offered inclusive options for LGBTQ singles. The app also offered specific questions for queer, trans, and nonbinary users-a novelty at the time.

When did eHarmony add gay dating options to its app?

It took other apps years to offer similar options. It wasnt until 2010, after settling a lawsuit brought by gay and lesbian users, that eHarmony added dating options for LGBTQ users, such as men seeking men.

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