Dating matt murdock would include

dating matt murdock would include

Does Matt Murdock have a love interest?

Though Matt Murdock is a flirtatious man who falls in love often, he can’t hold down a romantic relationship. It’s a struggle for him to even balance his life as Matt Murdock with his life as Daredevil, and he only just barely does it. Time and time again, he has potential love interests, but his decisions as Daredevil drive them all away.

Who is Matt Murdock?

Matt Murdock is a fictional character primarily portrayed by Charlie Cox in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) media franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name —commonly known by his alias, Daredevil.

Why does Matt Murdock get beaten so much?

Being Daredevil causes Matt to take beatings more often than not, and he’s just a man. When Matt Murdock was only a boy, he was orphaned— as far as he knew. His mother was still out there, but his father had passed away, and a man named Stick was the only one who showed up to mentor Matt.

Does Matt Murdock lie about being Daredevil?

The problem with being Daredevil isn’t necessarily that Matt is Daredevil. The problem is that Matt lies about being Daredevil to those who are closest to him. When Foggy Nelson first finds out that Matt Murdock is Daredevil, he is, understandably, hurt.

Did Matt Murdock ever sleep with a woman?

Matt Murdock is notorious for sleeping around with all sorts of women. As his alter-ego Daredevil , the blind lawyers reputation doesnt get any better. Although hes had his fair share of one night stands, Matt has also been in quite a few complicated relationships.

Is Matt Murdock dating Foggy Nelson?

Adding insult to injury, she then started dating Matts best friend Foggy Nelson. As a district attorney, Kirsten always knew that Matthew Murdock and Daredevil were one and the same even if the vigilante would never admit it. Her playful nature made a good match for DD and his swashbuckling personality.

Was Elektra Matt Murdock’s first girlfriend?

While I sort of hope Matt at least went on a date or two in high school, Daredevil continuity is pretty clear on Elektra’s status as first girlfriend. It is also safe to assume that the two were both virgins when they met. Either way, their relationship lasted for a year before Elektra’s father was murdered and she went all dark on him.

Is Murdock still married to Dakota?

But: Murdock was still technically married when they hooked up, and you know how a devout, guilt-ridden Catholic is going to react to that the morning after. Plus, since Matt seemingly cant use the bathroom without the Kingpin knowing about it, Kingpin made sure that photos of him and Dakota doing the deed were widely disseminated. Dead?:

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