Akademiker dating app

akademiker dating app

Are dating apps available in the Netherlands under the ACM?

“The entitlements that comply with the ACM order are only available for dating apps on the App Store in the Netherlands, and apps distributed pursuant to those entitlements must only be used in an iOS and/or iPadOS app on the Netherlands storefront.

Is Apple complying with the new rules for dating apps?

“Apple now complies with the rules,” the regulator added. “That is why ACM no longer needs to impose a new order subject to periodic penalty payments. Over the past few months, ACM had collected information from dating-app providers and independent experts before its assessment that Apple complied with the order.”

Can you pay for dating apps with different payment methods?

“Until recently, customers of dating apps had only been able to pay using the payment method that Apple imposed. In ACM’s opinion, Apple abused its dominant position with those practices,” the ACM wrote in the update. “From now on, dating-app providers are able to let their customers pay in different ways.”

Should dating apps like Tinder and match accept payment methods other than Apple?

Apple must let dating apps like Tinder and Match offer payment methods other than Apples in-app purchase system in the App Store in the Netherlands, or else it will face fines, the Dutch competition regulator announced today.

What does the ACM’s ruling mean for dating apps?

In December the ACM announced a ruling that Apple had to let dating apps use payment services besides the one built into iOS, after the regulator received a complaint from Match Group, the company behind dating services like Tinder, Match.com, and OkCupid.

Will Apple allow dating apps to accept third-party payment methods?

The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has ruled that Apples plan to allow App Store dating apps to use third-party payment methods for in-app purchases does not sufficiently meet the requirements of a previous ruling.

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