Dating a woman with spina bifida

dating a woman with spina bifida

Can a woman with spina bifida have a healthy sexual relationship?

Whether an orgasm is achieved or whether intercourse is physically possible, honesty and open discussion of your sexual experiences as well as your partner’s, can enhance your experience and promote a healthy, trusting relationship. Women with Spina Bifida can have happy, healthy sexual relationships, with or without intercourse.

What can I do to help women with spina bifida?

Manage pelvic organ prolapse, which can occur at any stage of life in women with Spina Bifida, in consultation with an urogynecologist. Take into account the possibility of decreased pelvic sensation.7 Provide guidance on reproduction, sexual health and education. (Sexual Health and Education Guidelines)

Can women with spina bifida take folic acid?

Women with Spina Bifida are at a low increased risk of having children with Spina Bida. Taking folic acid can decrease this risk by up to 70%.

How does menopause affect women with spina bifida?

Menopause can cause vasomotor symptoms and changes in vaginal and bladder health, and women may benefit from both lifestyle and medical management.4 This guideline aims to address many of the main health concerns specific to women with Spina Bifida.

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