Dating dr strange would include

dating dr strange would include

Does Doctor Strange have a romance?

An early romance for Doctor Strange was Victoria Bentley—well, it was romantic for her. Strange barely seemed to pay any attention to her at all, which was too bad as she had an affinity for magic and could have been a good match for him.

What happened to Doctor Strange’s friend Amanda Payne?

Like most heroes, Doctor Strange has gone through some rough times. That includes being replaced by imposters who tried to take over his life. After one such incident, Doctor Strange went home to Nebraska to recuperate. While there, he reconnected with a friend from his childhood named Amanda Payne.

Who is Doctor Stranges Night Nurse in Marvel Comics?

Over the years in Marvel Comics, there have been multiple characters who have assumed the name Night Nurse, but the one closest to Doctor Stranges heart was Linda Carter. After working together, Linda moved her Night Nurse operation into Stranges Sanctum Sanctorum.

Is there a real Dr Strange movie?

Dr. Stephen Strange appeared in the 1978 live-action television film Dr. Strange, portrayed by Peter Hooten. This version was a psychiatry resident rather than an experienced neurosurgeon. The 1992 film Doctor Mordrid began development as a Doctor Strange adaptation, but the studios license expired before production began.

Does Doctor Strange marry Clea strange?

Clea is later found and freed by Doctor Strange, who takes her back to Earth to live with him. While on Earth, Doctor Strange and Clea form a romantic relationship, and Clea later marries Doctor Strange and changes her name to Clea strange.

Is Doctor Strange dating Savage Avengers new romance the best move?

Savage Avengers #12 has revealed a new, steamy romance for Doctor Strange and its actually the best move for the Sorcerer Supreme right now. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Savage Avengers #12 by Gerry Duggan, Adam Gorham, Java Tartaglia, and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

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