Faceit matchmaking unfair

faceit matchmaking unfair

How was FACEITs new matchmaking system designed?

These have been designed by analyzing over 6 million matches played on FACEIT, with the goal of solving the two main issues that we identified with the old system by: Creating fewer matches that involve players and parties that are too dissimilar between each other.

What makes a match unfair in Rocket League?

The feedback we have received can be summarised as the following scenarios being perceived as unfair: Matches where a party has a high difference in skill rating across members (e.g. playing against a team that consist of players with large differences in their skill ratings, like a level 1 playing with a level 10).

What are the benefits of the new matchmaking system?

First, the matchmaking system will create a significantly higher number of matches that are actually more balanced (statistically speaking) Second, the skill rating update calculation at the end of the match will be more accurate than before and it will reflect more precisely the balance of a match you have just played

How does the new matchmaking algorithm work?

While the old algorithm matches players based on player skill rating and map preference, the new one now takes into account several other characteristics of players and parties to create matches. In particular, the updated algorithm will now take the following into consideration when matching you: Skill rating — The skill rating of a player/party

What are the changes to FACEIT matchmaking?

After months of testing and improvements, the changes are now implemented in full. The redesigned FACEIT matchmaking system will feature two new core changes: Multi-Dimensional Matching Algorithm and Adjusted Skill Rating.

What are FACEIT highlights and how do they work?

For Premium users, FACEIT Highlights features a further innovative Automatic Clip system that is able to automatically recognise, capture and save your best moments while you are playing a FACEIT match. While you focus on the game, this system will ensure that all your best plays will never be lost, all without requiring any manual action from you.

Does FACEIT have a free queue?

Apart from incentives, FACEIT also upgraded their anti-cheat system back in November of last year which seems to have quieted most of the complaints about it being lackluster. They also have a free queue system, although the games are slightly lower quality than the ones you’d find using the Premium-tier queue system.

Whats new in the FACEIT app?

New Elo Reversion for smurfing bans: bans for smurfing now trigger a new Elo reversion mechanics to restore/remove Elo unfairly lost/won in FACEIT matches. New Reporting system: integrated into the platform directly to replace the current reporting flow based on tickets and make our moderation effort more effective, precise and responsive.

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