Single carers dating

single carers dating

Can a single foster carer form a significant relationship?

This guidance is based on guidance issued by a neighbouring Local Authority. Single foster carers will on occasion form new partnerships and significant relationships. Definition of partner: a significant person with whom the foster carer is having/intending/expected to develop a relationship, which is committed and serious.

What to do when a foster carer has a new partner?

Supervising social worker recommends that the foster carer informs the new partner of her/his fostering status and that this will lead to a future assessment. Stage two: New partner intends to become a visitor to the foster home.

When to begin an assessment for a single foster carer?

When to Begin an Assessment If a foster carer is single at the point of application their initial approval should explore what would happen should they form a new partnership or a significant relationship.

Are single parents a good candidate for foster care?

Some single parents are unable to work traditional 9-5 jobs because of childcare commitments. But they make good candidates for foster care because they have experience of parenting and are able to fully commit to a fostering role for one or more children.

Can a foster carer experience separation or divorce whilst fostering?

Other foster carers may experience separation or divorce whilst fostering. A re-assessment should be completed as a single carer and forming new relationships covered within this assessment.

What should the foster carer tell the SSW about a relationship?

The foster carer should let the SSW know they have begun a new relationship as a significant change in their personal circumstances, even if the relationship is at the initial stages. A relationship inevitably changes the circumstances of the foster carer and the SSW must explore with the carer the impact upon their fostering responsibilities.

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