Work christmas party hookup

work christmas party hookup

Do you hook up at your office Christmas parties?

But an office Christmas party hookup isn’t just a highlight of a year for the two people making out. All their coworkers get the thrill of hot, juicy gossip. In case your office is dismally drama-free, we’ve asked people for their tales of hooking up with people at their office Christmas parties to bring you secondhand joy.

How can I be more successful at work this Christmas?

‘Assert yourself professionally and make sure you go above and beyond in your role so peers can see that your role is more important than any Christmas party endeavours.’

What happened to Stephanie and her colleague after the party hook-up?

The party hook-up also left Stephanie and her colleague in a grey area about their professional relationship. While the pair had been acquaintances beforehand, subsequent interactions in the office afterwards were initially ‘toe-curling’.

Is the Christmas party still a breeding ground for bad decisions?

Stephanie’s story is one that will be familiar to most of us – while we may have moved on from the halcyon days of photocopying our bottoms, the Christmas party is still a breeding ground ripe for bad decisions (just ask Downing Street ).

Should you network at your office Christmas party?

I don’t want to use the word ‘network’ because your office Christmas party should be a place for you to relax, unwind and, more importantly, take a break from things such as ‘schmoozing’. However, it’s nice to get to know people in a relaxed setting, so try and chat to those you don’t normally get the chance to.

Is it OK to skip the Office Christmas party?

Many people enjoy their office Christmas party and look forward to the invitation every year. However, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of them. You’re probably here because you want someone to tell you it’s OK to skip the party and stay home.

Do you kiss your co-worker at the Office Christmas party?

A survey conducted by Canon revealed that 1/3 of the workers either kissed a co-worker, or ended-up going home with them after the company Christmas party. 16.4 % of people in the GMTV office party survey said they became intimate with a colleague at the office Christmas party.

What are holiday party do’s and Don’ts for corporate Christmas parties?

Holiday party do’s and don’ts are guidelines and etiquette for corporate Christmas parties. For example, RSVP and avoid drinking too much. The purpose of these rules is to prevent embarrassing or dangerous situations and ensure that attendees have a safe and pleasant time at the company holiday party.

Are office parties a breeding ground for bad behavior?

A new report says holiday office parties are a breeding ground for bad behavior—but is it true? You bet. Office parties—the year-end chance to relax with co-workers and let a little loose with the higher-ups you normally tip-toe around.

What are the risks of an office Christmas party?

Office Christmas parties can be a great boost for morale, but employers should be aware of potential risks such as sexual harassment, alcohol-fuelled brawls, religious discrimination and post-party absenteeism. This practical guide will help ensure a trouble-free office party. Do not insist that all staff attend the office Christmas party.

Why are companies holding smaller Christmas parties this year?

A number of big businesses are holding smaller Christmas parties within departments, rather than larger, company-wide events. Uncertainty over the Omicron Covid variant has added to safety concerns over large gatherings.

Is it legal for an employer to hold a Christmas party?

Despite its festive atmosphere, an office Christmas party is legally an extension of the office environment even if it is held offsite and outside working hours. Employers are therefore likely to remain liable for acts of harassment, discrimination, assault or other unwanted conduct carried out by their employees.

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