Speed dating event photos

speed dating event photos

How do I get Started with speed dating?

Choose a speed dating event. Research your options by doing a Google search for speed dating and your location. See what events are available and contact the organizer if you have any questions. Select an event that is for your age range and keep in mind that some are for specific themes or groups of people.

Why host a speed dating event?

For businesses, hosting a speed dating event is a great marketing tool, and a perfect way to capture some additional revenue on slow nights, and brew goodwill among your single customers.  Our surveys have shown that 75% of respondents would likely retur Toggle navigationZippyMatch Home Pricing Blog Host Login Get Started

How long should my speed dating sessions be?

Let the Speed Dating Begin! -- Remember your timer, and keep dates to seven minutes each. Longer sessions slow down the flow of the event and increase the likelihood of awkward silences between daters.

What is 25dates speed dating?

At 25Dates.com speed dating events, you get a chance to enjoy 25 different 3-minute dates with eligible singles. Three minutes can feel like an eternity with a snooze of a date, or a snap of the finger when you have chemistry.

How do I start a speed dating business?

Check out the population in your area. Normally you should do some sort of research to indicate that you have a market. The speed dating industry is definitely a growing industry as many more people want to meet face to face. Decide who will run the events.

How do I host a speed dating event?

Our tips for hosting a speed dating event will help you organize a gathering thats fun, relaxing and fruitful for participants while preserving your sanity at the same time. Make a List -- Youll probably want to start by making a list of all the single people you know.

What is speed dating and how does it work?

Speed dating is a process that allows single people the opportunity to meet many prospective romantic matches in one place at scheduled speed dating events. The format for such an event involves short, 3 to 10 minute face-to-face sessions with each available match, during which time both participants may discuss whatever they like.

How can I have a positive speed dating experience?

To have a positive speed dating experience, you can prepare ahead of time, know what to expect, and present yourself well to your dates. Approach speed dating with a positive attitude. Look at it as a fun, pressure-free event. Keep an open mind about who you will meet and be prepared that you may or may not find someone you like.

What is the match rate on 25dates?

25Dates.com boasts a 76% match rate, meaning on average, 76% of participants receive at least one match per event. We offer straight, gay and lesbian speed dating events.

Do you still run speed dating events?

We have successfully started to run a few of our speed dating events. We will continue to run events, with some potential of postponement if necessary. We are so excited to start running our events again and hope you will join us!

Is speed dating worth it?

Speed dating is a great way to save some time and money. Is taking a stranger out to a fancy restaurant simply worth it if you don’t have any intention of seeing them ever again? For a set price, you will be able to meet and interact with an entire group of singles.

What is 25dates?

25Dates.com has appeared in/on many major media outlets including: CNN, Canada AM, Reader’s Digest, CityPulse, Flare, The Discovery Channel, Matchmaker TV, The Star Phoenix, The Toronto Star, and more! Founder Ragna Stamm’ler-Adamson met her husband at a 25Dates.com event; their first child was born in December of 2008.

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