Is kai dating krystal

is kai dating krystal

Are Kai and Krystal from BTS dating?

The pair met about 10 years ago as trainees, and fans have long wanted “Kaistal” to be a real couple. In 2016, Kai and Krystal shocked the net world with their dating news. Their agency SM Entertainment confirmed that they are dating. However, in 2017, Kai and Krystal decided to end their relationship.

What is the relationship between Kai and Krystal?

Kai and Krystal’s relationship starts way back from 10 years ago. They met as SM trainees back in year 2007. They became very close for the reason that they were both born in year 1994. Even their appearances and personalities are similar.

Are exo Kai and f(x) Krystal dating?

EXO Kai and f (x) Krystal are the two lovers. They were often called ‘Kaistal.’ They are not only friends but old colleagues. And in 2016, their relationship took a different direction with emotions. They have fallen for each other. ‘Dispatch’ has spotted Kai and Krystal on a real date.

Did kaistal break up because of busy schedules?

So many artists can’t maintain their relationships because of busy schedules, and sadly, it happened to the Kaistal couple. A source close to the idol pair revealed that the two broke up because of their busy schedules, stating, “It’s true that the two have broken up.

Are Kai and Krystal from BTS still together?

Sadly, after a year and two months, it was reported that Krystal and Kai had broken up in June 2017. SM Entertainment announced the two had split up and chose to remain as good friends.

Are Kai and f (x) Krystal dating?

On April 1, 2016, Dispatch announced that EXO member Kai and f (x) Krystal were dating. The two (at the time) labelmates were reportedly caught on a date in February. Dispatch had seen the two at a local lobster restaurant in Gangbuk.

How did Kai and Krystal first meet?

D: The two met first back in 2007 in SM. Krystal started her days as a trainee in year 2006 while Kai entered SM in 2007. The spent time together as trainees. Q. Did they spend a lot of time as friends?

Are BTS and SM Entertainment’s BTS in a relationship?

Both SM Entertainment artists are the same age, born in ’94, and have known each other since their trainee days, reports Dispatch, with their relationship supposedly having started this spring.

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