Dating på wordfeud

dating på wordfeud

How do I contact Wordfeud support?

Send us an email at For other business enquiries please send an email to . Wordfeud Dictionaries — Privacy Policy — Terms of Service — Report a security vulnerability

What is Wordfeud for iOS?

Wordfeud. Multiplayer word game for iOS and Android. A free multiplayer word game for iOS and Android. Challenge your friends or play against random opponents. Play at your own pace. Participate in up to 30 games simultaneously.

What devices does Wordfeud support?

Supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS 8+). Supports Android 4 and above. Screenshots. Click to display full size screenshots. Contact. Questions? Problems? Suggestions? Send us an email at For other business enquiries please send an email to .

How do I use the Wordfeud Word Finder?

Our WordFeud word finder is the only helper you will need when you play WordFeud. Unscrambled words are grouped by letter and sorted alphabetically. Use the advanced options to filter words by the starting letter. This will help you place your tiles more effectively. Choose the maximum word length to limit your resulting unscramble words.

How do I invite a contact to use Wordfeud?

When you select a contact, the Wordfeud player database will be searched for their email address. If the email is not registered, you will have the option of sending an invite by email suggesting they download and install Wordfeud.

How do I use Wordfeud friend?

Wordfeud Friend lets you start a game with a player from your friend list. Tap the friend you want to play with. To add a player to your friend list, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner. To remove a friend, first tap the Edit button, or simply swipe the players name to the left. Contact will bring up your phones contact list.

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