Csr2 live race matchmaking

csr2 live race matchmaking

How does matchmaking work in CSR2 live?

Basically, when you go into the tuning settings and let the dyno run, this is the time relevant for the matchmaking. Cars in CSR2 Live Races are placed into roasters within 0.2 seconds – so, if your car makes 1/2 mile in the dyno with 12.099 seconds, you are seeing cars in the lobby that get dyno times of 11.900 to 12.099 seconds.

What are live races in CSR Racing 2?

Live Races in CSR Racing 2 are online races with online players. FIX YOURE SHOWDOWNS PLEASE. the player is able to get keys (excluding gold keys), and able to earn a lot of RP (Respect Points). Live Races are started by players challenging each other. The player can either accept or refuse the race.

Why do people farm fake racers in CSR2?

Often enough CSR2 adds “fake” racers to the lobby so everyone has enough opponents to continue Live Races – these opponents are really easy to beat and you can farm them for a couple of races easily as they don’t do perfect times.

What happens if you win too many races in CSR2?

I assume you have one car you rely on for live races. If you dominate your lobby and win too many races, you will automatically be sent to the next faster lobby. Winning there won’t be easy and you will get frustrated relatively quickly and wish to leave CSR2 forever. Stop.

What is CSR Racing 2 Live Race mode?

The Live Race mode, however, is a different beast. In contrast to some other mobile racing games, it provides CSR Racing 2 with a true multiplayer experience, allowing you to race head to head with a live human opponent at any time (or at least any time the servers are functioning properly).

How do you know if someone is good at CSR Racing 2?

Theres no way to truly know how good the person youre racing against is at CSR Racing 2, but an obvious red flag should be if they want to bet a lot of cash on the race. That could mean theyre just desperate, but it typically is a sign that theyre quite good and confident they will emerge victorious.

How to get better at racing the AI in CSR Racing 2?

Getting better at racing the AI in CSR Racing 2 is a pretty straightforward process. You run enough races with a particular car to get its shift timing down, continually improve it by buying upgrades whenever you can, and add any fusion parts you grab along the way.

How do rewards work for the same league?

If you lets say get into the highest League - Legend and get promoted again, you will receive the rewards for the same League, so you can keep getting rewards even when youre at the highest League, as long as you stay in the top 6 and cover the needed requirement. The Leagues and their rewards are ( Highest to lowest ):

How to win more races in CSR2?

From Regulation and Ladder Races to Daily and Crew Battles, there’s plenty of action to be had on the streets of CSR2. More races means more experience and more chances to win. Put the pedal to the metal. 6. Tune Your Ride • Fitting new parts and installing fusion parts and stage six upgrades is only the beginning.

Should you customize your car in CSR 2?

That also applies in CSR 2, though the benefit of customizing your car’s exterior is the ability to take part in Custom Trials. These races could earn you some nice rewards provided you’ve got a customized car, and the races are typically very easy to win, provided you’ve given your car more than a few upgrades.

What are the Supercars in CSR Racing 2?

Compete against live players across the world with your custom built supercars including LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One:1 and… 2016-06-30T12:45:06.000Z Here are the top 10 CSR Racing 2 tips, tricks, cheats you need to know:

Should you join a crew in CSR 2?

Why Should You Join A Crew? There’s no way to escape it – while joining a crew is technically optional in CSR 2, there are more than a few reasons why you should join or create one of your own. For one, it allows you to unlock “boosts and content” via your crew perks.

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