Hook up christmas tree lights

hook up christmas tree lights

How to put lights on a Christmas tree?

How to put lights on a Christmas tree 1 Figure out how many lights you need for your Christmas tree. ... 2 Before you start, plug in the lights to check if all the bulbs are working. ... 3 Decide how you want to string your lights: Some decorators, like those at the Rockefeller Center, prefer the vertical method. ... More items...

How do you put a prelit Christmas tree together?

Even if youve lost the instructions for your prelit Christmas tree, putting it together and plugging it in is mostly intuitive. Place the largest tree section into the Christmas tree stand, and tighten the nuts to hold it firmly. Plug the light plug into the electrical outlet to ensure that all the lights light up.

How do you put a Christmas tree in a stand?

Place the largest tree section into the Christmas tree stand, and tighten the nuts to hold it firmly. Plug the light plug into the electrical outlet to ensure that all the lights light up. Unplug the tree from the wall. Insert the middle section of the tree into the bottom section.

How many mini lights do you need for a Christmas tree?

Most holiday decorators recommend 100-150 mini lights per foot. Here’s an easy guide: Once you have your lights, plug them in to make sure they all work. There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have enough lights while in the middle of decorating.

How do you decorate a Christmas tree with lights?

For a real tree, take the lights and start near the trunk of the tree, bring it out along a branch, and run it back towards the trunk again in a circular motion, continuing until you get to the top, he says. Granted, this technique will use more lights but it will also give illusion of more depth on the tree.

What is the first step in putting lights on a tree?

STEP 1: Untangle and test your Christmas lights before placing them on the tree. If you’re not in the habit of coiling and putting your Christmas tree lights away properly every year, step one of putting Christmas lights on a tree is untangling them and keeping them in an easy to unravel coil for decorating.

When should you connect Christmas lights to the tree?

As more strings of lights are needed, connect them once you’ve used up the current string of Christmas lights. If you connect all the strings together at the beginning, it becomes cumbersome to wrap them around the tree.

Do you start plugging in Christmas lights at the top or bottom?

However, you may find it easier to to start at the bottom if your lights are already plugged in. Also, starting at the top will mean that youll have more cable dangling between the plug and the tree, so youll want to make sure the tree is positioned in a way that conceals this.

How many lights do I need for my Christmas tree?

You should have around 100 lights for each foot of a tree to make sure the lighting is even. Remember, depending on how wide or deep your tree is, your lights will be dimmed by the needles and ornaments.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with lights?

Evaluate your tree and how the branches lay. For the thicker parts of your tree, lay your lights more on the outside of their branches, while for the thinner, wrap them deep and in layers. This will give the impression of even coverage.

How far apart do you wrap Christmas tree lights?

Determine how much spacing you want both between each light bulb on the string, as well as how far apart you plan to wrap the light strings. A 6 bulb spacing is popular for wrapping trunks and branches, with an average spacing of 2-3 between strings.

How many LED Christmas lights can I connect together?

It does not tell you how many light strings you can connect together. Generally you should not connect more than three 50 incandescent strings end to end. You can connect a larger number of LED Christmas lights together since they use 90% less power. Please see the packaging on your LED lights for more information.

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