Dating a vampire damon

dating a vampire damon

Are Damons relationships in the Vampire Diaries the best or worst?

Whilst some relationships weren’t smooth and fans wanted its end, some were also riveting and enthralling which engaged the audiences and netizens which is why we bring forth is Damon’s relationships in The Vampire Diaries from best to worst. 1.

What is the relationship between Damon and rose?

The relationship between the Vampires Damon Salvatore and Rose only took place over a short amount of time, but despite this, they still had a close friendship as well as a physical relationship. Rose acknowledged that Damon loves Elena, but willingly shared a brief sexual relationship with him.

What happened in the season finale of Damon and Elena?

In damon season finale, a trip designed to dating her to safety forces Elena to make her choice: to go to Damon and possibly see him one last time; damon to go to Stefan and her damon and see them vampire last time. She chooses the latter when she calls Damon to damon him her decision.

How did Rose and Damon meet in the originals?

They first met when Damon and Stefan rescued Elena in Rose. In Katerina, Rose lent her knowledge about Klaus and the Originals to Stefan, Elena and Damon. After awhile, Damon teased Rose, who is still devastated over losing her best friend Trevor.

Is Elena in love with Damon in the Vampire Diaries?

No matter how viewers felt about Damon and Elenas relationship, Elena is Damons only real love interest for the majority of the series. After he moves on from Katherine in Season 1, he falls so helplessly in love with Elena that anyone else he was with was only there to pass the time.

Who are the most successful couples in the Vampire Diaries?

As one of the biggest couples in Vampire Diaries, it comes as no surprise these two lovebirds - Damon and Elena - were the most successful. Even though Elena started out with Stefan, her love for Damon went far beyond what anyone expected.

Is Damon in love with anyone?

Damon is arguably one of the shows most romantic characters, as when he loves someone he gives them his all. However, if hes not feeling it, Damon will quite literally throw them aside like they mean nothing. Some relationships that involved Damon were really great, while others were incredibly stormy.

What is the Romance of the Vampire Diaries?

That started off the couple’s love story, which for a time was the central romance of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan and Elena fell head over heels in love and could be very sweet and supportive of each other.

Does Damon have a relationship with Rose?

He first meets the older vampire in season two and discovers that she inadvertently sired Katherine. Damon and Rose are romantically involved until she is killed by a werewolf bite. Damon had a great deal of respect for Rose and their relationship felt more equal than his romance with Elena.

What did Rose say to Stefan in the originals?

Rose: (to Stefan) I dont need your help, but I think you need mine. Elijah may be dead, but this isnt over. Rose: (to Stefan) It isnt over. The Originals, theyll come for her. They have to.

How did Elenas death affect Damon in the originals?

Her death caused Damon to become depressed, as he had grown to care about her a lot during the short time he knew her. They first met when Damon and Stefan rescued Elena in Rose. In Katerina, Rose lent her knowledge about Klaus and the Originals to Stefan, Elena and Damon.

What did Damon and rose say to Elena?

Rose: (to Elena) Ive been a slave to shadows for 500 years. What do you think? Rose: Im gonna stay and help you. Damon: Help me do what? Rose: Save Elena, protect Elena, all things Elena.

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