Dating gretsch drums

dating gretsch drums

Do Gretsch Drums have serial numbers?

With most other drum companies, serial numbers are considered very helpful tools, but not with Gretsch. The lack of understanding of Gretschs use of serial numbers leaves the vintage drum owner relatively few tools for estimating the age of their vintage Gretsch drum.

What are the different characteristics of Gretsch drums?

The paper looks at thirteen different characteristics of Gretsch drums from the 1962-1984 era. These characteristics, including badge styles, label styles, hardware, wraps and throw-offs, are recorded and then compared to each other.

How to identify a Gretsch guitar?

Example:A serial number showing 118145 would indicate a guitar made in November (11) of 1968 (8) that was the 145th down the assembly line that month. Baldwin Era, Hyphenated: 1972 - 1981 These guitars are a bit easier to identify, since they are the only Gretsch specimens with a hyphen (or a space) after the first one or two digits.

How can you tell how old a Gretsch round badge is?

The Gretsch Round Badge was used for many years, so the best way to date Vintage Gretsch drums is to look at the interior of the shells. Natural or Silver sealer, then we can look at the number of plys in the shell.

Is there a serial number based dating guide for Gretsch drums?

The goal was to determine if a serial number based dating guide could be created for vintage Gretsch drums. After all, serial number dating guides had been developed for Ludwig, Slingerland and Rogers, so why not Gretsch?

Did Gretsch make many drums in the 1980s and 1990s?

During the 1980s and 1990s, it appears that Gretsch did not make many drums. I do not have a significant enough number of reports of serial numbers and known dates from this time period to be able to give you anything very definitive.

How can you tell if a Gretsch is a pre-war guitar?

In the early years ( 1939-1945) Gretsch started with handwritten sequential serial numbers ( 001-999 ), written directly on the inside of the guitar. Often these serials are vague or almost illegible or completely erased. If you see at least three hard-to-read numbers, you can be pretty sure that it is a pre-war instrument.

When did Gretsch start numbering their guitars?

Various other serial numbering systems existed before then that stretch far back into Gretsch history—all the way back to the very earliest Gretsch guitars of the 1930s. We’ll cover those older serial numbering systems in another installment.

What is the round badge on a Gretsch drum?

The Round Badge was attached to snare drums and bass drums using a standard brass grommet which also provided a vent-hole for the drum, but it was attached to tom-toms using a carpenters upholstery tack which therefore left those drums unvented. Final production of Gretsch drums with the Round Badge was in 1971.

Do Gretsch round badges ship internationally?

Used: Lightly used newer sets, snares and drums, plus all vintage Gretsch can ship worldwide and will ship immediately. GRETSCH ROUND BADGE ERA KITS We always have a supply of Gretsch round badge kits ready to go.

When did the Gretsch 100th anniversary badge come out?

By late 1981, the brass square badge had returned and is still being used on Gretsch Custom Drums today. 100th Anniversary Badge This special badge was used in 1983 on a limited production of exotic wood grain kits with all gold hardware. Only 100 sets in these special finishes were produced.

What does the Gretsch logo look like?

The Gretsch logo features the drop G logo style and the badge reads THE CENTENNIAL 1883-1983 along the top in block letters. Early 2013 to Modern Day Gretsch announced in late 2012 that they are going back to the round badge in early 2013.

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