Dating idols

dating idols

Do idolsduties include dating?

Many netizens are saying that idols duty is not dating someone or at least hiding it in front of fans because its courtesy. On the other side, some netizens claim that dating is so natural and reasonable for young girls and boys.

Do you think all K-pop idols consider it their right to date?

I think that all the k-pop idols consider it their right to date. Although, dating is not allowed to k-pop idols because of their popularity. But still, dispatch reveals a number of k-pop idols dating. Both these members are dating for a long time and have been confirmed by their respective companies KONNECT and JPY entertainment.

Is dating ban effective to keep idolsmarketability?

In order to keep idols marketability at least, companies dont allow idols to see others. However, could be dating ban effective? Before discussing on effectiveness, we need to talk about if it is possible for company to have right to ban someones dating.

Do male idols date non-Celebs?

Usually, male idols would date non-celebs. Its easier for them to maintain and it also gives them a more normal dating feeling. Like seriously, fans should just accept that their bias is also just a human being who have feelings.

Does dating affect an idol’s career?

Many fans even treat idols as a belief of their own! Therefore, dating someone and being caught will greatly affect the career of not only that idol but also the group. But not all agency prevent their artists from “following their hearts”.

Why are there no dating contracts for K-pop idols?

The big entertainment companies states dating ban on the contract with idol members. Idols are targeting for fantasy on themselves, so it’s pretty dangerous to date someone in public. Because fans must be disappointed of it and naturally popularity of the idol decreases.

How important is an idols reputation for their career?

An idols reputation is extremely important for their career. Unlike other music industries where dating scandals dont amount to backlash from fans most of the time, in the K-pop industry, it could make or break an idols career.

What is it like to be a manager of an idol?

Some managers have gone to the lengths of standing in for idols during rehearsals when a certain idol is missing Basically a manager’s job is more than just hanging around an idol group 24/7. There’s a lot of moving parts to it and it’s a very high stress job that doesn’t pay a lot either.

Did you know these idols are dating non-celebrities?

But these idols below shook fans when they disclosed they were dating non-celebrities. Many cant believe that idols are even open to dating outside of the industry, but these idols proved that love can be found anywhere. Last June 21, an insider revealed that actor and 2PM member Taecyeon is dating a non-celebrity.

Are K-pop idols dating or married?

As human beings, they also want to feel love from the opposite gender without worrying about their race or ethnicity etc. While some of the idols confirm that they are dating or married, some of them are secretly in relationships. K-Pop Idols Interracial Dating

How do international fans react to South Korean idols dating?

Generally, international fans tend to be more understanding and supportive than most South Korean fans when it comes to idols dating. And it must be perplexing for them sometimes to see the extreme backlash some idols face when countless new celebrity couples of other countries seem to pop up in the news headlines almost every day.

Why dont idols get as much recognition as other idols?

Its because that the reality is that idols too arent all equal, the same way that some are either more privileged or have the recognition that allows them to have the support of the public.

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