College professor dating students

college professor dating students

Can a professor date a student?

In the US, it is forbidden for a professor to date a student, and that sort of behavior could get the professor fired. Some, not all, universities may distinguish between a current student and a former student (who had not graduated). In the olden days, this sort of thing went on, and while maybe not accepted, was generally allowed.

Can a professor have a relationship with a student?

As with the majority of institutions, staff at The University of Exeter are “strongly advised not to enter into an intimate relationship with a student”. And it is not just a potential minefield for the professor; the relationship is unlikely to be in the student’s best interests either.

Why do professors and students pair up?

Many students and professors will reasonably assume that the pairing arose out of the student-teacher relationship, and in some ways it almost certainly did. A teacher always has superior power over any student by virtue of his or her position of authority, and it is an abuse of that power to use it to entice students into dates or bed…

Why do professors want more time from students?

Perhaps the student goes to office hours frequently. The professor might devote more time than is customary helping a student write a thesis paper or complete a project. One thing leads to another. It’s not always the professor who wants more. Students can be starstruck especially if the professor is well known in the field and admired by others.

Is it okay to date a professor?

So in answer to the question: It depends on the rules of the college or university. At some places, students may not date faculty, period. At others, it may be allowed, but only if the professor is not in any position of authority over the student.

Is it okay to date a former student?

If you are a graduate student, though, then people can and do date former students, although it is usually frowned upon. Professors can also sometimes date graduate students---actually, if I recall correctly, the head of my department is currently dating a former graduate student. In any case, tread carefully.

Is it legal for a teacher to date a student?

If both parties are above 18, and the relationship is consensual then in the eyes of the law, it’s fine. However, even if it’s legal, I would say it is highly, highly unethical for a teacher to date a student (who is still in school, and not an ex-student or something).

Should undergraduate-faculty dating be allowed?

Catherine Prendergast, a professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where there is no policy governing student-faculty relationships, said she opposed any kind of undergraduate-faculty dating when students are still enrolled. To her, the issue is less legal “than one of sound professional norms.”

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