Btob dating rumours

btob dating rumours

Is BtoB dating Eunkwang?

Cube Entertainment and MBK Entertainment have both denied the rumors, claiming that they only met during an outing with multiple acquaintances. A couple hours after the dating news broke, BTOB held a live video with their fans as a goodbye party to Eunkwang who was enlisting.

Is BtoBs Yook Sungjae dating Dias jooeun?

His response has to go down in history as the best statement ever. BTOB ‘s Yook Sungjae was caught up in dating rumors with DIA ‘s Jooeun, where reports claimed that the two have been dating since earlier this year.

Is BtoB banned from dating?

Almost all idol groups in South Korea, be it a girl group or boy group, have a dating ban given by their agencies for a certain period. However, this kind of prohibition is not applied to BtoB. On 30 July 2015, BtoB came to SBS Power FM ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School’ radio show as a guest.

Did BtoB’s Minhyuk break up with his ex-girlfriend?

As the dating controversy got even more frenzied by the couple’s statement, at last, the agency of BtoB’s Minhyuk, CUBE Entertainment put an official statement which confirmed Minhyuk’s statement on the fancafe post, saying that Minhyuk and his ex-girlfriend indeed had dated for 4 months and chose to break up in a good manner while remaining goo...

Are BtoBs Eunkwang and BTSEunhyung dating?

BTOBs label CUBE Entertainment also stated that the two stars did attend the same gathering, but they are not dating In the evening of Aug. 13, BTOB held a live broadcast on Navers V Live as a goodbye party to the groups leader Eunkwang who was about to enlist in the military on Aug. 21.

Who is Eunkwang (BtoB)?

Eunkwang (BTOB) Profile & Facts (Updated!) Eunkwang (은광) is a South Korean singer and member of the group BTOB under Cube Entertainment. He debuted as a soloist on June 3, 2014 with a digital album “Back in the Day”.

Is BtoB’s Eunkwang addressing ot7 controversy?

BTOB ‘s Eunkwang has stepped up to address the recent OT7 controversy. Recently, BTOB’s subunit, BTOB 4U was reunified after Minhyuk ‘s return from the mandatory military service. To celebrate, the members of the subunit held an online concert for their fans to show their appreciation.

Is BtoB’s Sungjae dating a TikTok star?

Now with Sungjae finally back from the military and ready to star in the upcoming K-drama ‘The Golden Spoon’ alongside other BTOB projects, fans of the idol have a new rumor to tackle. It was reported that Sungjae was dating a social media (SNS) influencer who is an Instagram model and a TikTok star.

Why did BtoB’s Minhyuk message his ex-girlfriend on Instagram?

BTOB ‘s Minhyuk has been swept up in a controversy after messaging a woman he called his “ex-girlfriend”. According to one couple, BTOB’s Minhyuk messaged who he thought was his ex-girlfriend via Instagram, to ask her for her number because it seemed to have been deleted from his contact list.

What happened to Minhyuk’s ex-girlfriend?

In early 2017, Minhyuk had a controversy involving someone who he thought was his ex-girlfriend. According to reports, Minhyuk sent her a message through Instagram to see how she was doing. But, her current boyfriend got angry, and left angry comments on Minhyuk’s Instagram account.

Would Minhyuk date BtoB member Sungjae?

If Minhyuk was a girl, he would like to date fellow BTOB member Sungjae. Minhyuk’s ideal type is someone who is lovely, has a lot of aegyo, and willing to go with him anywhere. Not just an idol, Minhyuk is also known as an actor.

Does BtoB Minhyuk have a brother?

Minhyuk has an older brother. Minhyuk is the “mother” of BtoB. He is a graduate from Dankook University, having majored in music. Minhyuk’s specialties are writing lyrics, composing music, making raps, exercising, and acrobatics.

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