Is kendall dating ben

is kendall dating ben

Is Kendall Jenner dating Ben Simmons?

May 30, 2018 03:43 PM Kendall Jenner has a new man in her life — and he seems to be just her type. Jenner, 22, is reportedly dating NBA player Ben Simmons. According to Page Six, the pair were spotted on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel earlier this week.

When did Ben Affleck and Kendall Jenner date?

Kendall and Ben got together in summer 2018, and they dated for almost a year before calling it quits. Now that Bendall is officially over *wipes tear*, let’s reminisce and take a look back at their relationship.

Are Kendall Jenner and Anwar Anwar dating?

Into 2018, it was rumored that Anwar and Kendall are dating - even though neither of them ever confirmed that. In the pics above, you can see the two hanging out with each other! The first basketball player on our list is Ben Simmons. In the photos above, you can see Kendall and Ben together in 2018, and the two dated from May to November.

Are Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson dating?

Kendall was briefly linked to Lakers player Jordan Clarkson, with Us Weekly reporting in March 2016 that they’d been hooking up for “months.” This fling was short-lived and no pics were snapped, but a source told People, “They are super into each other.

Who is Kendall Jenner dating in 2021?

So on that note, enjoy a somewhat thirsty trip through Kendall’s dating history, from her recent romance with Devin Booker to her on-again, off-again thing with Harry Styles. Who is Kendall dating in 2021, you ask? That would be NBA star Devin Booker, who was snapped cuddling up to Kenny in this Valentine’s Day picture on her Insta Stories:

Did Kendall Jenner and Ben Affleck break up?

Sadly for those of you who were deeply invested in this narrative (anyone?), Kendall and Ben broke up in May 2019, with a source confirming to People that “the relationship ran its course.”

Are Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker still together?

According to sources who spoke to People last spring, “Devin is very sweet to her. He spends a lot of time with Kendall’s family and friends too. They seem to be on the same page. They haven’t been working lately and have been able to enjoy quiet beach outings and dinners instead. They both seem to enjoy the quiet time together.”

Is Kendall Jenner dating A $AP Rocky?

Back in August 2016, Us Weekly broke the news that Kendall was “full-on dating” rapper A$AP Rocky. They even attended Kanye’s show together: And ah, yes, he grabbed her butt at the 2017 Met Gala:

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