Southern dating rules

southern dating rules

Do you have manners in the south?

In the South, we pride ourselves on several things. Our food, our ability to handle humidity, our family, and, most importantly, our manners. In fact, our first words were probably “yes, ma’am” and “please pass the butter.”

What are the essential dating rules for South African women?

One of the essential dating rules that all South African women should follow is that they should have their elegance factor to the fullest, as Africa is one of those few places in the world where tribal women are renowned for their elegance.

What are the basic dating rules for women?

Perhaps the most basic dating rule for women is to play hard to get. The philosophy behind this is very simple, as men are mostly looking for short-term sexual partners they tend to choose the women who fall easily.

Are there sexist rules for dating?

And then there are the flat-out sexist rules, like one of the least surprising rules to come out of the 1950s: Boys were supposed to ask out girls, never the other way around (it should go without saying that the dating rulebooks of the 1950s did not include any helpful references for queer, nonbinary, or trans folks trying to find love).

Do Southerners have good manners?

After all, Southern gentility, hospitality, and good manners are as central to a Southerners identity as sipping a glass of sweet tea on a hot day. While the world is changing, things like humility, courtesy, and basic politeness are mainstays of any civilized society and that should never change.

Are southerners really more polite?

While this makes Southerners more polite, its also something of a double-edged sword. Good hospitality and manners are well-known stereotypes of the American South.

Why are manners different in different regions of the US?

Thats just how the manners are in these regions of America. The differences between these manners are rooted in different philosophies of respect. Northerners expect people in need to let others know if they need help; otherwise, they dont want to bother the people around them.

What are some examples of manners in everyday life?

Have Common Courtesy Having good manners is simply being kind and having an awareness of people’s feelings around you. Smile and say “hello” when you pass someone on the street, listen (don’t stare at your phone) when someone is speaking to you, hold the door for someone who is behind you, allow a car to pass in front of you, etc.

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