Reviews on lumen dating app

reviews on lumen dating app

Is lumen the best dating app for people over 50?

One more reason to choose Lumen instead of other apps for dating over 50 is that the number of males is almost the same as females’ profiles. As the owners of this dating platform say, there’re about 48% of men on Lumen, and others are women. So, you will be able to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Your gender doesn’t matter.

Is lumen an app or website?

Only an app. Lumen is one of the over 50 dating sites for those who communicate via their mobile devices. So, if you are used to interacting via your computer, it can be harder to adjust to the app. Your destiny can be far away from you. More than a million members are on the Lumen dating site.

Is lumen dating registered in the UK?

Lumen Dating is an app and website owned and operated by Lumen Dating App Ltd and registered in England. Is Lumen Dating safe? Lumen Dating acknowledges that scanning is an issue in the dating market.

How difficult is it to meet a partner on Lumen?

So, it’s less complicated to meet a partner for a long-term relationship. Only an app. Lumen is one of the over 50 dating sites for those who communicate via their mobile devices. So, if you are used to interacting via your computer, it can be harder to adjust to the app.

What is lumen dating app?

Launched in September 2018, Lumen claims to be the first ever dating app exclusively for singles over 50. According to Forbes, the average user is 56, while the oldest at the time of the data analysis was 97. You’ll also find a nearly 50/50 gender ratio.

Is lumen dating suitable for people over 50 years old?

To be viewed as desirable at the age of 50 is the mindset Lumen Dating has worked on. It is undoubtedly the best for the people over 50, as it is specially designed for them and addresses the needs and concerns of this age group in the best possible way.

What is the best dating app for seniors?

Lumen claims to be the first app-only dating service provider for people above 50 years old. It aims to connect seniors who are looking for their match. Its features allow members to have quality conversations with people near their area.

Is there a dating site for over 50s?

So, we launched this dating platform with the aim to meet the demand for singles over 50 that want to start online dating. The great thing about Lumen Dating Site is that it’s specifically designed for over 50s in every way possible, from the graphic design to the matchmaking algorithm, and everywhere in-between.

Can I search for partners on Lumen?

The searching feature is available for all members of Lumen. However, with a free version of this app, users get access to the basic filters. If you want to find a particular partner having specific characteristics, it’s needed to use advanced browsing. To get access to this option, you must purchase a premium subscription.

Why become a lumen channel partner?

As a Lumen Channel Partner, you have access to world-class sales, marketing, development, operational and maintenance support throughout the entire customer lifecycle. A trusted partner to help solve your customers demand for reliable and secure connections.

Is lumen a good dating site for people over 50?

This app is one of the most beneficial dating sites for people over 50. That’s why it’s not the best choice for you in case you aren’t eager to start dating or even build up a long-term relationship with another member of Lumen. There’s such a specification in the age. Most of the users have the same goal.

Is it possible to meet your true love on Lumen?

Members from all over the world – it’s possible to meet your significant other even if you live in a small suburban area. There’re people on Lumen living not only in English-speaking countries. There’re people from but also in Germany or France. So, you don’t have to speak English fluently to find your true love via this app.

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