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dating site for marvel fans

Are DC fans more likely to watch Marvel movies?

Well, one of the distinguishing features of DC fans is also the consistency with which Marvel movies show up on their lists. DC fans have plenty of love for Marvel product, but that fondness isn’t exactly reciprocated. The Dark Knight is the only DC film that shows up frequently on the Marvel lists.

What character traits do Marvel fans have in common?

But the common character trait across Marvel fans lists is their pronounced loyalty to the studio itself. Fans of Captain America are also fans of Spider-Man. Fans of the X-Men (whose films, it should be noted, are made by Fox, not Marvel) are also fans of Thor.

Do Marvel fans prefer certain actors to play Marvel characters?

Even Marvel fanbases that don’t have a strong actor preference are tilted heavily towards the characters. However, directors don’t factor too heavily into the equation for Marvel fans.

Are Marvel fans obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes franchise?

Not only do fans of his Iron Man films overlap with several other Marvel audiences (most notably The Avengers ), but that fan enthusiasm spills over to his Sherlock Holmes franchise, as well as a few decidedly non-superhero titles, like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Due Date .

Do DC fans like Marvel movies?

DC fans have plenty of love for Marvel product, but that fondness isn’t exactly reciprocated. The Dark Knight is the only DC film that shows up frequently on the Marvel lists. Meanwhile, DC fans readily appreciate Marvel titles, particularly The Avengers and the movies of that group’s constituent characters.

What are the top 10 DC movies of all time?

Top 10 Films by DC or Marvel DC: The Dark Knight – 94% Marvel: Iron Man – 94% Marvel: Spider-Man 2 – 94% Marvel: Logan – 93% Marvel: Thor: Ragnarok – 93% DC: Superman – 93% Marvel: The Avengers – 92% DC: Wonder Woman – 92% Marvel: Spider-Man: Homecoming – 92% Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy – 91%

Are DC animated movies more popular than Marvel’s animated movies?

Even if its big-screen efforts have earned spotty reviews, DC’s animated films on home video have been wildly successful and attracted a loyal audience. On top of that, their lowest-rated TV series is Constantine, which is still Fresh at 72%, while Marvel has to answer for Iron Fist (17%) and The Inhumans (8%).

How many Marvel movies have there been before DC movies?

However, before Marvel ever released a Fresh film (2000’s X-Men was the first), DC already had nine, and between Superman (1978) and Batman (1989), they had established what a modern comic book blockbuster would look like.

Is Moriarty obsessed with Sherlock Holmes?

Although Moriarty did bring a lot of trouble to Sherlock in the books, he wasn’t obsessed with him as he was in Sherlock, instead just being an evil genius looking for revenge against the only person that was at his level.

Who is Sherlock’s consulting criminal?

Moriarty was the “consulting criminal” to Sherlock’s “consulting detective”, and was one of the few people whose intelligence was at Sherlock’s level. Just like the famous detective is in the books, Moriarty was a great actor and managed to fool a lot of people with a dangerous mix of acting and blackmailing.

Is Batman more popular than Marvels Fantastic Four?

(Left out of the Marvel love fest is The Fantastic Four, who have been ill-served by Fox’s adaptations.) But the sense of brand loyalty you find among Marvel fans couldn’t be stronger. When you look at DC fans, however, it’s a different story. Within the DC film fan world, Batman is, by far, the hero with the largest following.

Where does Sherlock take place?

Set in modern-day London, Sherlock brought some of the detective’s most famous cases to the present day, adapting them to modern technologies and more, and it also included some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most memorable characters, such as Irene Adler and James Moriarty.

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