Wowonder dating

wowonder dating

How to update wowonder?

How To Update WoWonder? A detailed documentation on how to update your website to a new update. Dont worry the update process is very easy! First of all, you have to download the latest version from your codecanyon Downloadspage. Backup your website files & database using cPanel.

Whats new at wowonder?

Addedshare to wowonder button to blogs. Addedthe ability for users to choose a default thumb when uploading a video in publisher box. Addedplaytube video player integration.

How do I Configure my email settings in wowonder?

Once you have your email account created, you can proceed with the actual configuration of your WoWonder website. You need to access your website as administrator and go to SMTP settings from Admin Panel -> Settings -> E-mail & SMS Setup -> E-mail Configuration Edit the following options: Server Type- Choose SMTP from the drop-down box

Whats new in the wowonder API?

FixedURL fetcher, it wasnt fetching URLs from WoWonder blogs. Fixedbugs in API. v3.2 (8 June 2021) Addedability to edit and translate emails from admin panel, under Tools > Manage E-mails.

Is there any official wowonder PHP script?

This is the only official WoWonder PHP Script, please stay away from any cracked, nulled or stolen copies, they may contain malwares. With the official WoWonder license, you get life time free updates, support, and custom work services. Installation Follow the steps below to setup your site:

What are the features of wowonder?

Friends & Follow System: WoWonder Supports friends system like Facebook, follow system like twitter. Home/News Feed: Displays Posts, Photos, Files, Videos, and Maps posted by friends/followed people, Also story filters, follow/friends suggestions, and user activities list.

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