Dating in kolkata india

dating in kolkata india

How to plan a romantic date in Kolkata?

Try for satiating your taste buds by planning a romantic date in one of the best romantic restaurants in Kolkata. Rabindra Sarobar is an artificial lake in South Kolkata. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kolkata for couples, with alluring calmness surrounding it, especially towards the evening.

Why Kolkata is the best place to celebrate the day of Love?

The charming locales of Kolkata form a scenic backdrop for celebrating the day of love. Dominantly a city full of parks, the greenery of the Kolkata comes as a welcomed refuge from the utter chaos of lives. There are a varied range of romantic places in Kolkata which has an old-world charm oozing from monuments, famous lakes, and popular parks.

What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

Which is the best month to visit Kolkata? The autumn and winter months between October and February are the best time to visit Kolkata, as the weather is perfect and there are a lot of festivals that you can witness in Kolkata. What is the special food of Kolkata?

Is Kolkata worth a visit?

The oldest in all of Asia, Kolkata’s tram system is a delightful and unique experience visitors are guaranteed to enjoy. Immersed in old-world charm and running through some of the most historic parts of the city, these charming rides are every bit worth a visit to Kolkata.

Where to go for a romantic date in Kolkata?

As a bonus, many of the other places on our list too are not very far from the park, and you could even combine a visit to another romantic place (or two) for the perfect day. Location: Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Maidan, Kolkata. 3. Princep Ghat

Which is the best park in Kolkata for couples?

Millennium Park: Enjoy The Romantic Stroll One of the romantic places for couples in Kolkata, Millennium Park is a place with unsurmountable beauty. Situated by the Ganges, Millennium Park has everything a romantic place should have – beauty, peace, privacy, and reachability.

How to spend a day in Kolkata?

Take a short ride on the toy train, indulge in a cruise or just explore the biggest park in Kolkata on E-Bikes or Eco-Carts. With the sheer vastness of this park, you can spend the whole day here and still not see or do everything you want to.

Is Prinsep Ghat the best romantic place in Kolkata?

One of the vibrant and exquisite couple places in Kolkata is none other than Prinsep Ghat. Prinsep Ghat is a beautiful spot that has been the shooting scene for many television soaps and Bollywood movies. It is touted as one of the best romantic places in Kolkata, and rightfully so.

Why should you visit Kolkata right now?

A uniquely important center of history, art, and culture in India, Kolkata is a city everyone ought to visit at some point. If you are looking for some motivation to get on with your trip, here are our top 11 reasons why you ought to visit the “City of Joy” right now.

What are the best things to do in Kolkata?

Terreti Bazaar or Old Chinatown is one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods with street stalls selling a range of delicious Indo-Chinese foods and Chinese medicines and herbs. Kolkata is the only city in India to have an operating tram network, which also happens to be the oldest in Asia. The trams are a popular tourist attraction in the city.

Is Kolkata a city of Joy?

Definitely NOT! Kolkata is dull, boring and still holding on to their pre independence glitz and glamour that’s been long lost. So, bottom line is that you’d never ever want to travel to this ‘so called’- “City of Joy”! And here’s why: 1. Kolkata- A city stuck in the Stone Ages! 2.

Why is Kolkata the capital of India?

Having served as the capital of British India for more than a century, Kolkata is rich with historical significance. It was home to the headquarters of the British East India Company and later became the capital of British territories in the subcontinent during the British Raj. The city’s architecture and culture are rich with traces from this era.

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