Is archie and veronica still dating

is archie and veronica still dating

Are Archie and Veronica from Riverdale dating?

Archie and Veronica are an iconic couple dating back the to the original comics, so its hard not to root for them. Yes — we love the courtship of #Bughead with all of our Riverdale -obsessed hearts — but #Varchie is everything, too.

Do Archie and Veronica break up for the third time?

In Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive The Night, when their lives were at risk, they confessed their love for one another and got back together. Archie and Veronica would break up for the third and final time the night of senior Prom, where Archie revealed that he and Betty kissed.

Are Archie and Veronica still together when Josie buys the certificate?

Unfortunately, when Josie purchased the certificate, Archie and Veronica were still together. Josie suggested that Veronica use the certificate to take someone other than Archie, given that they were no longer together, such as Betty or her mother. Thankfully, Betty was the last exchange for the evening,...

Will there be a season 4 of ‘Veronica and Archie’?

Is. Endgame. With the season 4 premiere of everyone’s favorite teen drama quickly approaching on October 10, it’s time for an incredibly detailed recap of the on-again, off-again Veronica and Archie love story.

What chapter do Archie and Veronica start dating?

The relationship between Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge, commonly referred to as Varchie among fans, began as a friendship, yet they were very attracted to one another. During Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend things got serious, and they officially started dating in Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter .

Do Archie and Veronica talk to each other onRiverdale?

Though they did not speak to one another, in the days leading up to Christmas, Archie and Veronica both attended Kevin s Secret Santa gift exchange in the student lounge at Riverdale High School. She opened her gift from Josie, which awkwardly enough was a gift certificate for a couples massage.

Do Archie and Betty get back together in the Outsiders?

They get back together and Archie tells the truth about him and Betty. Veronica feels like Archie is being secretive, which is when he reveals that Cheryl had been blackmailing him after seeing him kiss Betty. Veronica believes him, and the couple seems to be doing well again, finally...until: Veronica’s father frames Archie for murder (wut).

What happened to Archie on ‘Riverdale’?

Veronica, Betty and Jughead are all in attendance. Archie is being prosecuted by District Attorney, Ms. Wright. The evidence and testimony presented during court supposedly tell a dark tale, that Archie has a history of violent behavior.

What happens to Archie Betty and Veronica in the Outsiders?

Veronica, Archie, and Betty are placed in a cell. FP will be bringing them in for questioning one at a time so that they can get to the bottom of what happened that night. FP asks Veronica when was the last time she saw Jughead. Veronica claims that she can’t remember.

How does Archie find out about Veronica and Shady Grove?

While lying in bed at the Pembrooke, Archie learns of Veronica’s near death encounter with an escaped serial killer from Shady Grove. He then shares with Veronica that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Why does Veronica kiss Archie in detention?

Veronica visits Archie in detention to thank him for taking the blame for the flask. He did it because he’s got nothing to lose, and Veronica has everything. Veronica starts grabbing on Archie and kissing him. He pushes her away and asks what’s wrong with her as she’s acting strangely out of character.

Why did Veronica give Mary $40K to Archie?

Veronica stops by Archie’s house to talk with Mary. She hands Mary a check for $40,000. It’s for the community center. She tried to give it to Archie herself, but he was too proud to take it from her. While she appreciates the gesture, Mary can’t accept the money while knowing it would put her in debt with the Lodges.

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