Who is carlos from descendants dating

who is carlos from descendants dating

How old is Carlos from descendants now?

The character of Carlos in Descendants is played by Cameron Boyce. Cameron was 16 years old when he played Carlos in 2015. The actor sadly passed away in 2019 at just 20 years old.

Who is Carlos de Vil from descendants?

Everything you need to know about Carlos De Vil from Descendants. Do you like this video? Carlos Oscar De Vil was the main tritagonist in the Descendants franchise, portrayed by late Cameron Boyce. He was the son of Cruella De Vil.

How did Carlos and Mal get closer in descendants?

The two grew closer after Carlos rescued Evie from the trap that Mal set up. In Descendants 2, Carlos noticed that something was troubling Mal and requested the rest of his friends to sit down and have a talk, even though he didnt know how to start a girl talk. He was extremely supportive of all his friends, and even called them his family.

What is the relationship between Jay and Carlos?

Jay is Carloss best friend. The two are usually seen hanging around each other and interacting positively though they tend to get into fights throughout the film due to Jays aggressive dominating thieving personality. The two fought with each other over eating candy in the limo and then Jay tried stealing a thing Carlos wanted.

Who is Mel from descendants?

Queen Maleficent Mal Bertha is the main protagonist of the Descendants franchise. She is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, the wife of King Ben, and the Queen of the United States of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. A natural-born leader, Mal takes charge of carrying out her mothers evil plan to steal the Fairy Godmothers magic wand and enjoys drawing and casting spells (but only if ...

Why did Jay insist Carlos be included in the game?

However, after being taught by the coach that being a team meant working with each other, Jay insisted Carlos be included in the game and the two won. Mal is the leader of the reformed VKs so he often followed her lead. She often had to remind him to focus like when he was playing video games.

Who is Jays best friend?

He learned to steal for and from his dad and Jafar didnt seem to treat him too bad, though it was shown he never gave Jay a bed and he had to sleep under a shelf of TVs which couldve easily dropped and killed Jay. Carlos is Jays best friend.

Did Jayjay have a date to the Cotillion?

Jay supposedly had no date to the Cotillion, but he is seen with Lonnie meaning that he probably asked her to be his date. At the end, they are seen sharing looks, dancing with one another, and even hugging near the end of the film.

What happened between Jay and Lonnie in descendants?

Jay tests the potion and tries to flirt with her but she dismisses the action. In Descendants 2, Lonnie (due to her love of fencing) begs Jay to be part of the Swords and Shields team after defeating him during practice, but because of Chad Charming and his rule book, Jay disagrees.

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