Flame princess dating cinnamon bun

flame princess dating cinnamon bun

Is Cinnamon Bun Flame Princesss best friend?

In The Red Throne , Cinnamon Bun seems to and act as Flame Princess closest friend and helper. She had also shown great concern for him when he got hit by a fire during a fight with the Fire Kingdom citizens, apparently knowing how he feels.

What does Cinnamon Bun think of Finn?

Cinnamon Bun considers Finn a friend and occasionally spends time with him and Jake. He sees Finn as a capable warrior and compliments him for being able to focus his energy on his tasks. However, in The Red Throne, he seems bothered by Finns attempts to get closer to Flame Princess.

Where does Cinnamon Bun live now?

He is currently Flame Princess champion and knight, and resides with her in the Fire Kingdom . Cinnamon Bun has has small black, eyes, but they appeared large and green in Slumber Party Panic and The Enchiridion!

Are Flame Princess and Finn still friends?

Finn and Flame Princess reestablished their friendship in Bun Bun. Princess Bubblegum revealed to Jake in Burning Low that Flame Princess is unaware that she was the one who had the Flame King lock up his daughter in the lantern due to her physical instability.

How did cinnamon bun and Flame Princess become friends?

As of The Red Throne, Cinnamon Bun is the Flame Princess champion and knight. When they first meet in Earth & Water , he considers her a friend after she heals his leg with heat from her fire. Flame Princess comes to respect Cinnamon Buns honesty and begins to ask him for advice.

Why did Flame Princess and bubblegum become friends?

Not remembering that Bubblegum was the one who locked her away as a child, Flame Princess befriends the fellow princess and allows her to run tests on her so she can understand herself better. While talking to Cinnamon Bun when Princess Bubblegum leaves Flame Princess unattended, he tells her that Bubblegum is evil.

How did Flame Princess and Lumpy Space Princess become best friends?

Liking his honesty and after recalling that it was Princess Bubblegum who had her father put her in the cage where she spent her childhood, they both went to the Fire Kingdom and overthrew the Flame King and enacted a policy where lies were not allowed. In the episode Fire Friend Flame Princess became best friends with Lumpy Space Princess.

Why does Princess Bubblegum use cinnamon bun as a servant?

Like a child, Cinnamon Bun often resists Princess Bubblegums such as when he obtains a night-light despite her taking it away from him. Despite all of this, Princess Bubblegum often uses Cinnamon Bun as a servant to perform simple tasks for her.

Do Finn and Flame Princess end up together?

Flame Princess says goodbye to him and departs. In Burning Low , she and Finn are officially a couple. Their relationship has improved for the better since their last interaction. In the episode, they hug for the first time, with Jake subsequently attempting to educate Finn on the tiers of dating.

Who is the Flame Princess in Fire Kingdom?

Maintain her reign of Fire Kingdom. Flame Princess is the princess (now queen) of the Fire Kingdom and was the former love interest of Finn. When Jake asks Flambo if he knows any princesses Finns age, he responds that he knows just the skirt... and shes WAY hot.

How does Flame Princess show interest in the show?

She was also interested when Jake was giving her gifts in the episode Incendium and excited when her dad let her date Prince Finn, though this excitement quickly turns to anger when Prince Finn rejects her. In the episode Hot to the Touch, Flame Princess shows curiosity about her new surroundings by examining flowers.

What happens to Finn in Frost and fire?

In Frost & Fire , Finn and Flame Princess are interrupted by Ice King in the middle of a picnic. After Flame Princess beats up Ice King for insulting her, Finn starts to have weird dreams with the Cosmic Owl in it, but keeps waking up before he can finish the dream.

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