Dating culture in lithuania

dating culture in lithuania

Do Lithuanian women date foreigners?

If Lithuanian woman is dating foreigner it does not necessarily mean she has already put an eye on him and willing him to become her future husband. Lithuanian women are very curious for meetings and communication with representatives of other cultures.

What is the culture of Lithuania?

The culture of Lithuania is standing on six pillars: The ethnicity. The old Lithuanian nation was joined by multiple minorities over the centuries, and to many their ethnicity is the prime self-identification and the main source of cherished traditions. The language. The archaic Lithuanian language may be what defines Lithuanian people.

Where to meet Lithuanian Singles?

As the capital and biggest city in Lithuania, Vilnius gives you the most opportunities for meeting Lithuanian singles. The women there are not just very attractive, but also interested in meeting foreign men and familiar with the Western culture.

Why are Lithuanian women so attractive to men?

Beside such obvious and well seen characteristics, Lithuanian women also have hidden features that attract men sometimes even more than beauty. This is some specific type of natural overwhelming feeling and ability to understand boyfriend or husband. Every Lithuanian woman has some specific care of her man. Many men admit that fact.

Why do Lithuanian women date foreign men?

If Americans, Germans and others are coming to this Baltic country, it means there are women here eager to date these men as well. Some Lithuanian women date foreigners for perspectives to have better life by moving someday to foreign country. Of course, this is small ammount out of the average population.

What is it like to have a girlfriend in Lithuania?

They regard beautiful Lithuanian women as girlfriends. In Lithuania, young girls do not flirt with boys, while elderly ladies do not look at males. They even shake hands when they meet one other. Cuddles and kissing are not permitted at this point in life.

Where to meet single gorgeous women in Lithuania?

Most importantly, it’s a great place to meet single gorgeous women for dating and marriage, and here is where you can do it. As the capital and biggest city in Lithuania, Vilnius gives you the most opportunities for meeting Lithuanian singles.

Are Lithuanian women more feminine than Latvian women?

If the more boyish figures of Latvian girls are not your thing, head over to Lithuania! Overall, the women of Lithuania are just more naturally feminine. They tend to have delicate face features, let their hair grow out (and they have the best hair in the world), and they flaunt their curves.

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