Dating my recruiter

dating my recruiter

Is it bad to have a recruiter contact you first?

The problem is that many people make some bad assumptions whenever a recruiter is the one who makes the first contact. While it’s a good thing to have employers chasing after you, here are a few things you shouldn’t get your hopes up about just because someone emailed you to discuss a position. 1.

What should I know about hiring a recruiter?

The recruiter has a financial interest in seeing you hired. That is the key thing to remember. 5. Dont tell your recruiter that you are desperate to leave your current job or desperate to get hired (if youre not working now). 6.

Is it possible to get an agency recruiter to hire you?

It is impossible to get someone with good recruiting experience to agree to that kind of demand. A candidate is only useful to an agency recruiter if they are in consideration for a job. If you are not in consideration for an opening they will most likely not give you a second thought.

Do you need a meeting with a recruiter to get hired?

Very rarely do I meet someone, even at the senior level, who can articulate their career goals or even name target companies or sectors. The reality is you will get a lot more out of a meeting with a recruiter if you have spent some time preparing and thinking about your next move, prior experience and how you want to approach your job search.

What happens when a recruiter contacts you?

Recruiters often reach out to potential candidates to offer a position or discuss qualifications. If a recruiter contacts you, there are certain steps to take next to ensure you make the most of the call or email. In this article, we show you what it means if a recruiter contacts you and what to do after the recruiter makes initial contact.

Do recruiters call if you don’t get the job?

The reality is, if you didn’t get the job you probably won’t hear back from the recruiter. It’s not that they’re necessarily lying to you when they say this, but recruiters deal with a huge number of candidates on a daily basis and often don’t have time to reach out before moving on to the next candidate search.

What should I never tell a recruiter about my financial situation?

Never tell the recruiter your financial situation. Its none of their business. If you know your salary target and you know its reasonable, then that is all the financial information you need to share. 3. Never tell the recruiter that you really, really want the job or that the job meets all of your needs.

Are You handling your first phone calls with recruiters correctly?

Especially when it comes to handling those first phone calls with recruiters—who really are just trying to find an interview time that works for you. So, before you panic about this step of the process, take a deep breath. Your experience and talents will speak far greater volumes than any “mistake” you could make on a first call with a recruiter.

One of the most frequent questions I get as a career coach is, How can I hire a recruiter to find me a job? While developing relationships with agency recruiters, also known as headhunters, can be valuable to your job search, you usually cant hire one. Recruiters are hired by companies to find talent for their difficult-to-fill job openings.

How much does it cost to hire a recruitment agency?

What to do when you meet an recruiter?

Recruiters are there to search for the right candidate: Recruiter’s job is to search for the right candidate for the Job. They are not offering the job themselves and thus when you meet they make sure that you help them do their job right. This does not mean that you should be casual about this meeting, but being candid might help.

Should you hire a recruiter?

In general, because of the fees that go into using their service, recruiters are expected to identify job candidates who check every box the client is looking for. So recruiters are great for folks on a clear career path, with experience in the field they’re pursuing.

What should recruiters expect from candidates?

Since the recruiter is tasked with delivering 110% of the client’s expectations on any particular job placement, candidates should expect to be moved forward or selected only when they are truly the most competitive candidate for the position. Recruiters are typically working on a limited number of positions at any given time.

Is it better to meet with recruiters face to face?

Also being in the recruiters office has its advantages as it is private and you wont run into any of your managers or colleagues! I have worked in executive search for seven years, both in London and Singapore, and its not a pre-requisite to meet face to face. However, if you can, do.

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