Dating crown jars

dating crown jars

How do you date a gem jar lid?

The post-1940 Gem jar lids, for example used a numerical code to indicate the month of manufacture (to the left of the Diamond-D logo) rather than a letter or line code – as was typical on bottle and jar bases. The post-1928 Crown jars were marked with a four-digit basal date code – another departure from the typical.

When did they start making Crown jars in Canada?

Made in Canada(1928-early 1960s) Beginning in 1928, Crown jars were embossed “MADE IN CANADA” on the shoulder above the crown (Figure 17). At least one of these jars had a base with an Owens scar and no logo of codes (Figure 18). This jar was probably made in 1928, although an unembossed base could have been one that escaped the engravers.

How many pints are in a 1941 Corning jar?

2 Pints (again, maybe. Also 7 inches high, but the jar is wide until the 6-inch mark before it starts to slim.) Crown 1933, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1948, 1949, 2 dateless. Corona 2 dateless. 5 Pints? (9 inches high) 1953. I have more jars that I need values on, so please view my posts if you know about jars.

Who makes Owens Crown jars?

First is the exclusive capture of the license for the Owens Bottle Machine by the Dominion Glass Co. This means that allCrown jars with Owens scars were made by Dominion Glass. Second, many of the jars had logos and manufacturer’s marks that identify Dominion Glass.

How do you date Old Ball Mason jars?

There are many ways to date old Ball mason jars, and one of the easiest is to look at the logo. Along with the logo, you can sometimes use the color, size, and other distinguishing marks to help date a mason jar.

Can I still buy rubber lids for gem jars?

You can still buy rubber seals to use with their glass lids, OR metal lids to use with the jars, made by Bernardin: While lids for gem jars have and are expected to continue to be a very small portion of our overall product offering, Bernardin considers users of these jars in the Western provinces to be valued home canners.

How do you tell how old a jar is?

So if you have some old jars, how do you know their true age? If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo. Every few years, the Ball Manufacturing Co changed the logo and if you compare yours to a reliable chart, you know how old it is.

Will gem jar lids work with Agee 80 mm Mason jars?

There has been some international speculation whether Gem jar lids, at 78 mm, would work with Agee 80 mm Mason jars in New Zealand, for which lids apparently are no longer available. We have been unable to test this as of yet (summer 2017.)

Where are Owens bottles made?

In 1916, Owens acquired the American Bottle Company (A. B. CO.) plants with manufacturing locations at Streator, Illinois and Newark, Ohio.

When did Owens Bottle Company merge with Illinois Glass Company?

In 1929, Owens Bottle Co. merged with the Illinois Glass Company, of Alton, Illinois, to form the giant Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

How did Michael Owens change the glass industry?

Michael Owens, a self-taught American inventor, propelled the glass industry into the mechanical age. In 1903, he unveiled the world’s first completely automatic glass-forming machine—a machine for making bottles. Owens was determined to eliminate the hand delivery of hot glass to bottle machines.

Where are Owens-Illinois Glass containers made?

Formerly headquartered at Toledo, OH; now based at Perrysburg, OH, Owens-Illinois, Inc. had (and has) many glass manufacturing locations worldwide. (See list of 19 currently operating glass container plants in North America, farther down on this page).

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