Hornet dating

hornet dating

Is Hornet just a gay dating app?

“Hornet is not just a gay dating app. It’s also a culture with its own characteristics.” (Curt Coch)

What is the Hornet social network?

Launched in 2011, Hornet is actually self-billed while the “world’s prime homosexual social network”, making it “fun and simple for homosexual, bi and inquisitive guys to connect with one another”

What can I do with Hornet?

Video short stories are great ways to share your mood or make someone laugh Earn awards from viewers on your posts or videos and redeem them with Hornet Points into perks or cash Privacy is at the heart of Hornet – it’s designed by the queer community, for the queer community, built with privacy front and center

Hornets are one of mother nature’s pest controllers. With a craving for insects such as aphids, hornets help rid the world of unwanted garden pests which damage resources within an agricultural setting. What do Hornets eat? Hornets are known to have a rich diet of sugar and protein among other things.

How do you get rid of Hornets in Your House?

What are hornets attracted to? Hornets are attracted to sweet things, such as sugar, or sugary drinks. They are also attracted to areas where insects are rife. As hornets feed on insects and take them back to their next (to feed their young), they will be attracted to any area where insects are prevalent.

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