Baseboard heater hook up

baseboard heater hook up

How to install a baseboard heater on a wall?

1 Install a Wall Box for the Thermostat. Make a cutout for the line-voltage thermostat and install a wall box. ... 2 Run Cable for the Circuit. ... 3 Mount the Baseboard Heater. ... 4 Make the Wire Connections at the Heater. ... 5 Make the Wire Connections at the Thermostat. ... 6 Connect the Circuit Breaker. ... 7 Test the Heater

What size wire is needed for a 240-volt baseboard heater?

A 240-volt baseboard heater requires its own dedicated 20-amp or 30-amp 240-volt electrical circuit. A 20-amp circuit can safely provide 3,800 watts of power, while a 30-amp circuit is suitable for up to 5,700 watts. The standard circuit cable for 20-amp circuits is 12-gauge cable; 30-amp circuits need 10-gauge cable.

How do you wire a baseboard heater to a double pole thermostat?

Connect one supply wire to one thermostat wire marked L1. Route remaining thermostat wire marked T1 to the baseboard heater. Route remaining supply and ground wire to the baseboard heater. Follow the installation instructions above for mounting and wiring your baseboard heater and youre all set! 2. Double pole wall thermostat

Why is my electric baseboard heater not working?

Ensure the wiring is correct: A malfunctioning heater might be the result of a small wiring error. If you think this may be the issue, carefully check your wiring. It may be wired at the wrong voltage so check the voltage of your baseboard heater and your supplying wires.

How do I install an electric baseboard heater?

Electric baseboard heaters generally require installation of at least one entirely new dedicated circuit. This includes installation of a circuit breaker in the main service panel, installing cable runs through walls and floors, installing a wall box for the thermostat, and mounting and connecting the wires for the electric baseboard heaters.

Do I need wall boxes for baseboard heaters?

(Because baseboard heaters have built-in wire connection boxes, wall boxes arent required for the heaters themselves.)

What size wire do I need for a baseboard heater?

In the case of a 120-volt baseboard heater, the black hot circuit wire will connect to a single-pole 20-amp breaker. The white circuit wire will connect to the neutral buss and the ground wire to the ground buss.

How do you hook up a space heater to a wall?

Connect one of the loose heater wires (does not matter which) to the black wire(s). Connect the remaining loose heater wire to the white wire(s). Make sure the wirenut in the wiring compartment at the opposite end of the heater has the wires tightly connected together. Secure the heater to the wall.

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