Prince william dating kate

prince william dating kate

How long have Prince William and Kate Middleton been together?

The Duke and Duchess dated for years before tying the knot and starting a family. Almost a decade ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton captured the worlds imagination, tying the knot in a royal wedding for the history books. Ahead of their 10th anniversary, were taking a look back at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges time together.

Who has Prince William dated in the past?

Heres some of Prince William’s reported romances, from his first university love interest to the ex he ventured to Kenya for. Davina was spotted with Will briefly before he left for university all the way back in the late 1990s.

When was Kate Middletons second pregnancy with Princess Charlotte confirmed?

The news of Kate Middletons second pregnancy with Princess Charlotte came out earlier than she and Prince William would have liked. The palace confirmed in the fall of 2014 that Kate Middleton and Prince William were expecting their second child, Princess Charlotte. But the royal couple was hoping to hold onto the news for a bit longer.

Why did Kate Middleton move to Wales?

When Prince William and Kate Middleton split in March 2007, Kate decided to leave England and take a vacation to Ireland with friends to deal with the emotional aftermath. Kate moved to Wales for a time so she could be with Prince William during his Royal Air Force training.

Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton Live in rural Wales?

But for a short period 10 years ago, they were able to live a quiet and private life in rural Wales, even popping top the local shops without any staff. Will and Kate spent time in Anglesey, where the Prince was stationed as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the RAF between 2010 and 2013.

What is Kate Middletons title when she marries Prince William?

When Prince William married Kate, she took the female form of his title, Prince William of Wales, making her Princess William of Wales. At the time, Queen Elizabeth also granted the couple the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

What shops did Kate Middleton go to in North Wales?

During their tenure in North Wales, Kate was often spotted visiting shops in the area including the local Waitrose supermarket and other shops. The Duchess also frequented a watersports shop near her home.

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton planning to move to Berkshire?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been thinking about relocating from London out to Windsor, and now they’re reportedly hoping to permanently move from Kensington Palace to a property in Berkshire, per the Telegraph .

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