Hookup in cairo egypt

hookup in cairo egypt

Does Cairo have a nightlife?

So, it is recommended not to leave the place without enjoying the nightlife here, adding some great memories to your tour. Though the bars and clubs open up as early as 7 or 8 pm in Cairo, the crowd generally gathers around ten or 10:30 pm.

Where to go in Cairo for a weekend?

Submerge yourself in the giant sounds impelling out from the comparatively small space of Zigzag in the core of downtown Cairo. The venue frequently hosts a wide-ranging range of electro beats, slick DJ sets, and you can experience Cairo’s coolest bands, all add more to the mood with the bar’s wonderful mojitos.

Where to go to party in Egypt?

Doing absolute justice to its name is the popular nightclub Riverside, situated along the mesmerizing River Nile. When you vie the river from the club’s top floor, you get surreal views of the Nile, and this is one of the perfect places to party in Egypt. The bar is in the Zamalek district and is one of the most happening places in the region.

Where to drink beer in Cairo?

So you can get one of their Egyptian beers available on the tap and share a pitcher with your friends at this cheerful bar in Cairo. Crimson Cairo is recognized for two things. One is their cheap drinks and incredible views of Cairo from their patio on the rooftop.

How to experience the night life in Cairo?

Even there are streets and squares where you can experience the night life in Cairo just by walking in streets. Before talking about Cairo, Egypt Nightlife, I would like to introduce briefly about most tourist attractions about city.

What are the best live music night clubs in Cairo?

Cairo Jazz Club It is one of the oldest existing live music night clubs in Cairo. The club is believed to be the heaven for music lovers and party-goers. It is a lively place where one can enjoy music, delicious food and bar selections. The club was established as a portal for manifesting art and expression through music.

What are the best places to stay in Cairo?

The Cairo Cellar is a royal reminder of the past as the place has been offering electrifying nightlife scene since Egypt was dusting off the monarchy. Located in the basement of the President Hotel on Zamalek Island, its an English-style pub with a giant cellar stuffed full of liquor and wine.

What are some of the traditional bars in Cairo?

Some of The traditional Bars in Cairo are: Riche café: from Tahrir square and taking Talaat Harb street you will find it. It is a traditional bar where you can enjoy both drinking and the lovely cultural atmosphere of Egypt. Estoril bar: take the Talaat Harb street to Qasr El Nil Street.

Egypt is quite popular amongst international travelers and is quite safe at night. The locals here start socializing after 10 PM and party till late hours. However, it is advisable to avoid visiting restricted areas at night while holidaying in Egypt on your next vacation! Which are the best clubs in Egypt? 1. Elements Club & Lounge 2.

Which is the best bar in Cairo Egypt?

The 11 Best Bars and Cocktail Bars That Cairo Has To Offer. 1 Pier 88. Bar, Italian, Mediterranean, $$$ Facebook Email Twitter Pinterest Copy link Share Map View Add to Plan. 2 Happy City Hotel Roof Bar. 3 Gu Bar. 4 Window on the Nile Lounge and Bar. 5 Cairo Cellar. More items

Where to drink cognac in Cairo?

Situated in Zamalek, a vibrant upscale district of West Cairo, Riverside also lives up to its name by offering stunning views of the Nile at night. Those seeking a strong beer menu should look elsewhere, but cognac fans will be pleased to find an especially wide selection here.

Where to stay in Cairo for a weekend?

Window on the Nile Lounge and Bar at the Sofitel hotel makes for a luxurious break from the busy streets – lean back into the comfortable rattan chairs and survey the kingdom of Cairo. A unique combination of library, upmarket bar and restaurant makes this spot stand out from the crowd.

What to do in downtown Cairo?

Cool, crisp drinks and shisha arrive with complimentary snacks of flatbreads, baba ghanoush and cheeses making this a perfect stop off when in Downtown Cairo. Hold the fort in the central bar area or slip off to a quiet nook to kick back. Recommended by local insider Virginia Ambrosia

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