Dating with heart failure

dating with heart failure

Is it safe to have sex with heart failure?

So, its not uncommon for those with heart failure to worry that having sex might further harm the heart, especially after surgery or a procedure. Also, heart failure medications may dampen the sex drive or cause unpleasant sexual side effects. An estimated 60 to 87 percent of those living with heart failure say they have sexual problems.

What is it like to live with heart failure?

Living with - Heart failure. If you have heart failure, its important to look after your own health and wellbeing, with support from those involved in your care. Its very important to take good care of yourself if you have heart failure. A healthy, balanced diet can help improve your symptoms and general health.

How do I know if I have heart failure?

Emotions, relationships and sex. Being diagnosed with heart failure can be a shock. Some people feel scared, anxious, depressed or angry. These feelings are completely normal. Some people also become depressed. Speak to your GP or care team if you feel unable to enjoy the things you used to or cope with everyday life.

Can I travel if I have heart failure?

Carry them in different places in case you lose one, and make a list of the medication you take and what its for. Having heart failure shouldnt stop you getting travel insurance, but you may have to find a specialist company thatll insure you. Read more about travelling with a heart condition.

Is it safe to have sex with a heart patient?

In a scientific statement by the American Heart Association (AHA), lead author Levine reveals that it is safe to engage in sex if a patients heart condition has stabilized. Unfortunately, some patients are not able to carry on their normal sexual activities, not because of the heart disease, but because of anxiety and depression.

How does heart failure affect your sex life?

The American Heart Association says cardiac rehab and exercise can cut the risk of sex-related complications in those with heart failure. Research suggests that participating in an exercise program helps boost oxygen levels and reduces your heart rate during sexual activity, making it safer and more pleasant.

How can I reduce the risk of sex-related heart failure complications?

Stick with your cardiac rehabilitation plan. The American Heart Association says cardiac rehab and exercise can cut the risk of sex-related complications in those with heart failure.

Can sexual activity cause cardiovascular events?

Cardiovascular events — such as heart attacks or chest pain caused by heart disease — rarely occur during sexual activity, because sexual activity is usually for a short time.

Can you travel with heart failure medication?

Travelling with Heart Failure Medication Make sure you have enough medication for the whole trip and some extras in case you are delayed.

Can people with heart failure go on holiday?

Some people with heart failure find that they may become more reluctant to travel or go on holiday due to their condition. Travelling and being in unfamiliar surroundings with a change in routine may cause anxiety for you or your carer.

What should I know about traveling with congestive heart failure?

In general, patients with congestive heart failure should avoid traveling to locations at high altitudes. Medications and Medical History. Travelers with congestive heart failure should carry a list of their medications using the generic name for each drug.

Can you travel if you have heart disease?

Travel and Heart Disease Travel precautions help people with heart disease. Traveling to a faraway place doesn’t need to be off limits because you have heart disease or are a caretaker of someone who has had a cardiac event like heart attack or stroke. In fact, a few simple precautions can help make your trip a smooth one.

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