Who is veronica lodge dating in real life 2019

who is veronica lodge dating in real life 2019

Is Hermione Lodge married in real life?

Marisol Nichols (aka Hermione Lodge) is married to director Taron Lexton and the two have an adorable daughter named Rain together. While hes pretty creepy as Chic, in real life actor Hart Denton is a sweetheart.

Are Madchen Amick and Alice Cooper dating?

After numerous years of an on-off relationship, the pair have now separated for good. Alice Cooper might be all over the place when it comes to her love life, but actress Madchen Amick has been a one-man woman since 1992, when she married musician David Alexis. I just found an unbelievable man who is so not Hollywood, Madchen told CBS in 2017.

Who are the Riverdale cast members engaged to?

Riverdales Veronica Lodge, aka Camila Mendes, has only recently found love with boyfriend Victor Houston and the pair are ALL over each others Instagrams. Tiera Skovbye, who plays Polly Cooper, got engaged to producer Jameson Parker in August 2017.

Is Hermione Granger married in real life?

Hermione Granger is a fictional character who does not exist in real life. The character, is married to Ron Weasley. The actress who portrayed her in the movies was Emma Watson, is currently dating someone. Who is Hermione Granger dating in real life?

Are Hermione and Hiram from Riverdale married?

Hiram and Hermione at the SoDale Gala Opening Hiram and Hermione were both raised in Riverdale, where they lived for most of there lives, and attended school together at Riverdale High School. They later married each other and moved to New York City, where they had there first and only child, daughter Veronica.

Who is Hermione Apollonia Lodge onReal Housewife?

I am moving back to the city, and I am becoming a Real Housewife. Hermione Apollonia Lodge (née Gomez) was initially a main character on The CW s Riverdale. She has since been demoted to recurring for the fifth season onward. She is portrayed by Marisol Nichols .

Its not unusual for teen shows to spawn real life couples and life-long best friends (ahem, Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps ), so here are some of the Riverdale stars who are forming close friendships even when the cameras arent rolling. Dont you love when an on-screen couple actually dates IRL?

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