Man dating cockroach

man dating cockroach

Is it normal for cockroaches to live in penises?

According to a very well-circulated meme, penises are suitable homes for cockroaches and it’s ‘totally normal’ for 5 to 10 of them to live there Perhaps recently, you’ve seen a little meme going around Instagram that looks like a screenshot of a Google search.

Did a man have a cockroach pulled out of his ear?

A New Zealand man has had a cockroach pulled from his ear three days after first feeling a squirming sensation. Zane Wedding said he initially thought the problem was just water in his ear.

Why did Yuma eat Lisa the cockroach?

In a video interview with Asian Boss, Yuma said he bought Lisa as an African farm-reared cockroach and that he believed they could communicate with each other. He also said that as a entomophagist it was only natural he ate her once she died.

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